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I was on the verge of ordering an Android phone many months ago when the rumour broke that Microsoft was going to launch Windows Phone 7 with Xbox Live support by the end of 2010.  It was that point that I put any upgrade plans on hold and after watching the embedded video I’m really glad I waited.

The platform promises achievements on the go with up to 200 GamerScore per title just like on Xbox Live Arcade.  You’ll also be able to view your friends list (along with their online status), achievements unlocked and even amend your Avatar.

Check out the official Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 page for a list of upcoming launch titles.  Or if you’re keen to read more, why not head on over to the excellent Engadget review of Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7.

Halo:Waypoint is coming to Windows Phone 7 when it launches later this year.  This will allow us Halo fans to check out the latest news, videos and friend’s player stats while out and about.